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Cadenza Music - St. Paul, MN - Twin Cities Metro
Cadenza Music - St. Paul, MN - Twin Cities Metro
Instrument repair at Cadenza Music

We believe that good quality repair work is tied to the success or failure of the musician, whether you're a beginner or a professional. Our philosophy is that every musician should have an instrument that plays well, without leaks, squeaks,cracks or buzzes.

Woodwind and Brass
Jean Carey, woodwind specialist, apprenticed with Niles Gadbois at his shop in South Minneapolis in 1975. In 1977 Jean agreed to come to Cadenza and start our repair shop. Since then she has repaired instruments for beginners, amateurs, members of the Minnesota Orchestra, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and both local and touring professionals. She's straightened flutes that were sat on, and one that was used to bean a little brother. She's pulled chemistry notes and love letters out of tubas and saved many a recital or concert with last minute repairs. A flute player herself, Jean looks for the same precision in a bari sax as she does in a piccolo. Jean has developed a well deserved reputation as a bassoon expert, and she gets bassoons in from all over the state.

Mariel Oliveira, a woodwind specialist, graduated from Southeast Technical College in 2008, where she studied woodwind and brass repair. Mariel is a native of Connecticut and worked in instrument repair in the Boston area prior to joining Cadenza. Mariel is a bassoonist with community band Minnesota Freedom Band, serves on the board of a second community band, and plays drone bassoon with a third community group.

Scott Mims, a St. Paul native and Central High School graduate, played sax in the University of Minnesota marching band before switching to Southeast Technical College. At Red Wing Scott studied woodwind & brass repair with Greg Beckwith and Ken Cance before joining the Cadenza repair shop in May 2004. Scott showed an early aptitude for instrument repair which his band teachers used to their advantage. Invariably, some instrument always fails just before a concert, and Scott's teachers soon learned that Scott was the kid with the knack for repair.

Andy Denny graduated with honors in stringed instrument repair from Southeast Technical College (Red Wing) where he studied violin with Lisbeth Nelson-Butler. He has built banjos at Nechville Musical Products in Bloomington, Minnesota and does violin repair and restoration for David Bolland in Northfield, Minnesota. Andy builds banjos in his free time.

Cadenza Music Now Features Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaning!
Brass instruments get dirty. The constant passage of warm, wet air through an instrument means that regular cleaning is a must. Brass players frequently put off getting maintenance done on their instruments until the instrument stops working all together: tuning slides won't move, valves stick, and the lead pipes and tuning slides start to rust through due to corrosion ("red rot.") As you can imagine, except for dents and broken solder joints, most of the problems with brass instruments are cleaning issues, and the useful life of a brass instrument increases with regular maintenance.

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