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Cadenza Music - St. Paul, MN - Twin Cities Metro
Cadenza Music - St. Paul, MN - Twin Cities Metro
Leasing Instruments from Cadenza Music

Compare leasing with rent-to-own using the chart below.

Consider the monthly fees. Most of our competitors will rent you a new name-brand trumpet, like the one in our chart, on a "rent-to-own" or “trial purchase” plan at a rate of about $30/month. By the time you own the instrument, you will have paid over $1000. With a Cadenza Lease, you can get the same instrument for $258 a year, including insurance.

What if my child quits? The monthly rental fees will quickly exceed the yearly lease fee at Cadenza. You and your child’s teacher both want your child to stick with the program.

What if my child succeeds? If your child continues with school music though the whole three years, that rental trumpet will have cost you $1,036. That same amount would pay for almost four years of lease fees which includes free maintenance. You’ll save money with a Cadenza lease!

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Total Cost
Lease only
All prices include sales tax.

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We carry fine quality Alvarez and Samick guitars, woodwinds & brass from Yamaha, and violins from all over the world.
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We have five professional instrument repair technicians, repairing brass, woodwind, and all types of stringed instruments
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We lease school band and orchestra instruments by the school year at reasonable rates.
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